Dr. Ali Muhson, M.Pd. is one of the Senior lecturers in Economics Education FE UNY. He was appointed as the 452nd doctor of the Postgraduate Program and the 217th Doctor of Research and Educational Evaluation after defending his dissertation entitled "Authentic Assessment Models in Economic Learning in High Schools" before the board of examiners on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

His dissertation contains an authentic assessment model of economic learning to measure the ability of students through four aspects, namely the learning process, knowledge, attitude, and behavior. This assessment model is intended for an evaluation model in measuring learning processes and outcomes. For aspects of the learning process, it is measured through face-to-face activities, discussions, and assignments. Meanwhile, the attitude and behavior aspects were developed in the form of a situational test with four alternative answers.

In lecture activities, he teaches statistics courses I and II, Research Methodology, Economic Learning Evaluation, Computer Applications I and II, and several other subjects.

Congratulations Mr Ali Muhson,