Who does not know that during the lecture period it is necessary to read so many books, journals, and even information on the website. But the problem is that our society's reading culture is still very low. Virus lazy to read really hit our society at all levels. Both from elementary school to the plenary period. In fact, in order to improve the reading culture, the government is involved in various programs such as cultivating literacy in schools.

Exactly on September 8 2018, for the first time speed reading training was provided by the Yogyakarta State University Economic Education Student Association which was accommodated in the Wahana Bhakti Cipta Manunggal event. This training activity was guided by Mr. Ahmad Chafid Alwi, M.Pd who is a lecturer in economics education and certified as Official Leader of Mind Map with skills in mind map learning, speed reading, and memory. This activity involves all new students majoring in economic education in 2018. Of course this is the initial capital to be able to adapt and excel in higher education.

Talking about speed reading is not only about speed reading words in a given time, but also fighting wrong beliefs and bad habits when reading. Maybe until now most of you still believe that reading should be word for word, speed reading can reduce understanding, even if a book read quickly shows that you do not appreciate the work of the author.THIS BELIEVE IS BIG WRONG. Precisely with the speed reading technique, it can increase efficiency in reading and still get a good understanding.